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Our Story

“With men this is impossible but with God all things are possible.”

Matthew 29:26

Abbott Christian Care for Children

Abbott Christian Care for Children was founded in 2014 to radically change the lives of orphans and vulnerable children in the Bungoma region of Western Kenya. This goal is achieved through provision of clothing, food, medical care, housing and education within a caring, loving Christian environment.

Abbott Christian Care for Children is a non-denominational, non-profit CBO (Community Based Organization) incorporated in the nation of Kenya. We feel that we have been called and established by God to care for the orphans, the abandoned and the abused of this region. We give His grace and love to the rejected, abandoned orphans in the rural communities in the Bungoma area.

Increasing Needs

As of Nov, 2022, Abbott Christian Care for Children Care is caring for more than 64 children. The size of enrollment, however, will begin increasing significantly starting in 2023.  

Abbott Christian Care for Children
Many families in Kenya struggle daily just for food and water so the idea of paying for
their children’s education is not possible. 

Since the Abbott school has consistently performed so very well on the yearly KNEC exams for each grade (thanks to the excellent teaching staff) the Kenya Ministry of Education has requested that Abbott begin allowing other families in the surrounding areas including non-orphan children to enroll. It is not yet known how many of those families will be able to pay the tuition for their child(ren), but we know that God will provide for those that simply have no money.

You can be a hero to children in need!